Thanks Once More Love Our Blog: How To Make Any Curtain Into A Shower Curtain


Shower Curtains By the way, the surprise is you were expecting a profound the solution reflecting wisdom and experience. What Hilton responded was so significant yet revealing of his extra consideration work load of his hotel employees when shower curtain is outside, not inside, bath tub. Now this blog has usually been for you, Know what guys, I see I have a substantial readership following on this and similar web pages from my ‘page count’ statistics. Plenty of readers will probably not explore them. That further reduces my circulation blogs. Really like that one, I make risks as a blogger to use blog titles, that does not indicate blog’s topic. Some amount of my blog do not contain keywords like business analytics for website Google to detect and drive more traffic. I had looked with success for these curtain panels a while ago and they have been basically inspiration for the space and everything I chose was set around these beauties.

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Good Luck with our own dream bathroom! You have usually been so sweet, thank you Erin! There is more information about this stuff on this site. I appreciate it a lot. However, they do not have a sewing maching and wouldn’t even see how to go about it.

Shower Curtains To be honest I was out shopping all week with this same idea but had no clue how to make holes for the hooks.

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Couldn’t discover a shower curtain anywhere that we liked and came up with this same idea. Notice, Here’s the link. Thank you very much for enlightening in detail and photos on how to accomplish this. Thanks Pat, thence glad to have inspired you. If gives all info. Helped me! I am so thrilled at our idea, I was striving to do something related but having the 1 curtains, one either shower end, yet couldnt determine how to attach a regular curtain to rod…… in addition the plastic problem liner being won’t fray, if you make a little almost white glue and a toothpick.


Thanks for this big tutorial and sharing this kind of a beautiful solution to a lofty ceiling.

Little LePages glue is the trick, fray check ultimately washes away. So if anything was on them, panels that I got will be washed, By the way I could wash them since they’re a cotton. I wouldn’t use silk for sure. No, thankfully the curtains have held up big in bathroom. Good Luck! They’ve been okay, mind you, I don’t mostly close down the door completely and generally use the fan. And now here is the question. How will you suppose we hang them with liner? This is where it starts getting truly intriguing, right? They have been about two inch grommets. This has always been specifically what I wanna do. My challenge has been that the drapes have the grommet holes always in them.

Shower Curtains I searched for the two panel draperies and liner.

Was a must extra since length, it was some more steep in price than a typical plastic liner.

First put on shower curtain liner, preparatory to inserting the ball style shower hooks into newly cut hole. I had to get a longer plastic liner, that they searched with success for at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because my window drapery panel was longer than a typical shower curtain.

Notice that THANKS FOR YOUR DETAILED INSTRUCTION! LOVE YOUR BLOG! To be honest I AM USING A HEAVY DEMIN LIKE MATERIAL SO THE REGULAR GATHERED LOOK JUST DOESN’T DO IT. THANKS AGAIN!! I’M ABOUT TO TAKE IT ON FOR MY NEW BABY’S NURSERY BECAUSE they LOVE HOW THE FOLDS LAY SO EVENLY AND CRISPLY. What do you think? Normally, should like to To be honest I have a smaller bathroom than yours. I’m sure you heard about this. Have you noticed any troubles with excessive moisture in the bathroom that gonna be damaging to curtains?

I’m almost sure I was worried that the moisture from a warm shower may damage the curtains over time. This is good! The curtain panels always were 54×84, simply like what you used. By the way I can’t find out how to attach a liner aside from finding a liner that hangs via big grommets. Basically, No, Know what guys, I meant actual curtains, not a shower curtain. Anyhow, thanks! However, was color/design we was looking for, it is awesome, I in addition have a curtain/drape that they purchased for my bathroom that was on clearance. Now look. My solution was to by grommets to make it work on my shower hooks. Thanks!! This looks a lot easier and I will give it a try!! When I originally purchased the window panels my intention was to just put shower curtain rod through always created rod window pocket panel. A problem arose when I went to hang them since the rod end was stright away as long as we envisioned window panels as big as doable to heighten room. That should have involved sewing and shortening overall height window panels, my first thought was to create a bigger rod pocket on curtain.

Shower Curtains Get a look at my smooth sketch. Know what guys, I intended to use typical shower rings to create a ring p style panel, right after some thought. Higher panels have always been hung, larger the space, if you remember back from this post on Right Way to Hang Window Drapery Panels. Honestly, they are always usually 8′-0″ lofty -typical of most homes. One reader left me a comment saying, Wow, you have tall ceilings. Furthermore, the long panel makes the space feel elongated. The taller than typical curtain actually gives space more height, that makes room overall feel way larger. This same idea pertains to the window valance, that is always hung at ceiling plane. Stay tuned, To be honest I have a tutorial coming shortly on how they created the window valance. To be honest I link my projects to a bit of these parties.

I actually practically did identical thing but to my newest shower curtains -the holes for hooks were I, would, as long as the curtain was usually hung from typical shower hooks. Let me tell you something. Don’ any way has usually been fine, if you don’t seek for to sew panels together. Good Luck! With the panels being heavier than a typical shower curtain, you can’t notice, patterns did not match. I’m almost sure I virtually did sew 3 panels together, since that post. For example, That would’ve been my recommendation though if you planning to make a shower curtain just like this.

Still haven’t gotten around to it, No, Actually I didn’t I intended on making a button hole with my sewing machine.

We absolutely love what you’ve done here and love the fabric -I’ve got to look for this fabric!

Benjamin Moore Berkshire Beige is paint color and you usually can figure out more about the room on this post. I now usually can look for any fabric and not restrict myself to usually made curtain panels!! In fact, Thanks!! To be honest I always use ordinary curtains to create higher illusion ceilings but have completely used standard curtains with rings on usually. I can’t thank you enough for sharing!! I’m sure you heard about this. I’m quite sure I purchased most gorgeous window panels to use as a shower curtain and got home to look for I had identical problem with my brand shower rod.

A smooth google search lead me to this post. This was look they was going for and now have the knowledge to optain it. Thanks a lot for posting this wonderful tutorial on drapes to shower curtains. I am looking for simply the right shower curtain but could in no circumstances determine what they practically wanted. Anyhow, I had the drapery/shower curtain idea in my head but didn’t practically understand how to pull it off and thanks to you, now I do!!! I’m not sure how we could hang plastic shower liner behind it, To be honest I practically like the grommets look. Know what guys, I searched with success for very much for helping me determine what they didn’t see they was looking for! I saw that pattern and went down in LOVE! It is I have been looking for living room curtains for months now and saw those were the ones when I saw them.

It looks fantastic in our own bathroom and love how you transformed them into a shower curtain.

They love your saying -Thank you a lot for helping me figure out what I didn’t see I was looking for!

To be honest I love this pattern window treatment and they come in an array of colors. Wonderful to hear April! Now we have simply moved into a brand new house and last weekend we obtained six these more panels for our modern living room since we STILL love this pattern that much. This is always case. Although the packaging on 1 of them was special as was color pretty slightly. A well-famous fact that has usually been. Thankfully Target still had them!! 4 years later a brand new comment on this post comes into my email and they come back to see what I had written simply out of curiosity. Thankfully I’m hanging them in a way only would ever notice slight color variation.

This is so gorgeous!

They love ‘everythingthe’ panels, the height, idea!

Basically the way the buttonholes are always placed, always was there not a gap between the panels when the shower curtain was always pulled closed, One question, that I will just be overthinking. Do you overlap the holes in middle somehow to prevent this? Okay job and thanks for the tutorial! Looked with success for our own post via Centsational Girl’s weekly roundup, and love this how to! Some information could be searched for readily by going online. I’m in dreaming process up our guest bathroom, and I’m definitely pinning idea and your own bathroom for inspiration! I’m on a year last leg long two bathroom remodeling project. I’m installing a ceiling hook bar behind a 1″ piece of painted wood. Thank you a lot!!! I’ll use our own idea for using drapery panels after shower curtains which must be To be honest I didn’t look for a shower rod taking away from the marble beauty they used around shower and tub area. Love taller feeling ceilings that the longer curtains give.